Machine maintenance

Machinery Services is a technical service provider for the installation, repair and maintenance of machines. Machine maintenance services are limited not only to stand-alone machines but also to complete production lines. In addition, Machinery Services's technical services should also be seen as moving machines while simultaneously performing the necessary machine maintenance. This ensures that the production capacity for long periods is ensured after the relocation.

It is also possible to close (preventive) maintenance contracts. Together with the client, it is then considered when the machine maintenance is best executed in order to minimize production loss. The flexibility of Machinery services guarantees a minimum of production loss. Because if necessary / desired, maintenance on a machine can be peformed outside of regular working hours (weekend, business vacation, ..........). 

In short, Machinery Services is a collaborating, flexible partner with a high priority on quality.


Charles Verhoosel

Charles Verhoosel

Founder Machinery Services

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Dongen - The Netherlands

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