Machine relocation

Machine relocations can take place both within own borders and outside. Machinery Services has extensive experience in machine reloaction. And this experience has not only been gained within its own borders, but also beyond Europe and Asia. Often, machinery reloaction includes not only one single machine but consists of a complete production line. Machinery Services also has experience in this field. For this, it is desirable that Machinery Services is involved from the start in any machine move.

The dismantling and shipment of the production line must be carried out by qualified personnel in the country of origin. This guarantees the best possible reinstallation abroad. Machinery Services has that staff. An additional advantage for using Machinery Services to handle decommissioning of a machine is that it can also detect parts that can be repaired better in the country of origin than in the country of destination because maybe planning and quality are less clear abroad. This may include replacing bearings, turning axles and the like.

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