Machine repair

Despite (preventive) maintenance, it may happen that a machine must be repaired. Machinery Services specializes in machine repair. When, during maintenance, a machine is found which needs fixing it will be reported to the client immediately. Depending on the urgency, it is then decided when the machine is to be repaired. The continuity of the client's business is the largest factor.

Before repairing the machine, an accurate description of the expected costs is made. This quote is task-oriented. In cases where the hours and or parts can not be specified, this is also stated as such in the tender.

If the quote is accepted, the machine repair will be reported on a detailed service report signed by the client for approval. This service report shows the hours worked and the parts used to repair the machine. This service report is the basis for billing. In order to facilitate the control for the client, a copy of the signed service report is attached to the invoice.

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