image 1x1 mosconi logoMosconi SPA is an Italian machine manufacturer, founded in 1922, which makes machines for the leather tanning industry. Throughout the years they have specialised in 3 machine operations in the tanning process namely fleshing, splitting and shaving.

For these operations the below machines are available:

  • Fleshing machine SM XII, working width 2700 mm and 3200 mm. Very robust.
  • Splitting machine Super Zenit Evolution in working width from 1800 mm up to 3400 mm. Extremely accurate, friendly use and low consumption of spare parts.
  • Shaving machine Aster, RMP and RMM, precise and equipped with the most modern technologies.

Since 1989 we have been installing, maintaining and training technical engineers and operators of Mosconi machines and in the meantime we became your reliable partner in Western Europe and even beyond.

Recently we became representative for Mosconi SPA in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark and are we able to give you the best advise in choosing your machines and/or spare-parts from this no.1 supplier. With our entire team of specialists, we’ll take care of your machine and make sure it is doing what you bought it for.

Also we can provide you with original Mosconi spare-parts and even used or overhauled machinery.

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